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Cable Strain Relief Spare kit for ZL6

Cable Strain Relief Spare kit for ZL6: containing six cable strain relief clips (PN 20549) Explore

ZL6 accessory kit

ZL6 accessory kit, includes zip ties, batteries, foam sealing strip, O-ring gasket, strain relief clip and screw Explore

ZL6 USB Cable

USB type A to USB Mini Connector Explore

ZL6 Antenna Extension Cable

Extension cable to extend the height of the antenna in either the Em50G or EM60G data logger. Antenna Extension Kit (3 Parts): 13565/15230/30655 Explore

Probe Pigtail Adapter for CSI Data Loggers

Plug the stereo plug from your METER sensors into this probe adapter pigtail to connect directly to a CSI data logger using the pigtail end. Explore

Pigtail-to-Stereo (male) Adapter

This adapter receives wire ends by clipping onto the wires. It is also called an "alligator clip" and has a stereo connector on the other end for use in METER data loggers or Procheck. Explore

Splice Kit

Use to splice together broken wires or waterproof and attach an extension cable to a data logger. Explore