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Balance specifically designed for HYPROP/ VARIOS Explore

HYPROP vacuum pump/110VAC for HYPROP

Vacuum pump for HYPROP Explore

KSAT glass capillary tube

KSAT glass capillary tube Explore

Sample ring hammering holder SZA100

Sample ring hammering holder SZA100 for sampling rings 100 ml. Length 300 mm, weight 0,6 kg, handle with hand protection, for rings with outer diam. 60 mm. Explore

Transport Box for HYPROP/KSAT Samples

Transport box, foam box for soil sampling rings, suitable for types SZ250 and SZ100. To protect samples during transportation Explore

WP4C Travel Case

Robust travel case for WP4C Explore

Water Activity Standard, 0.984 aw

Water Activity Standards - 0.50 mol/kg KCl (0.984 aw), Box of 50 Tubes Explore

AQUALAB Sample Cups

AQUALAB sample cups - 500 qty bottoms and lids Explore

Stainless Steel Sample Cups

Stainless steel sample cups, 10 qty with plastic lids Explore

Temperature Equilibration Plate

Temperature Equilibration Plate, sample temperature equilibration range: -10 – 100 °C, six sample capacity Explore